The Unbound Group

Digitally Powered. Data Driven.

Products and services that help people do more of what they love.

Expertise in 55+ demographic, footwear and comfort.

Unbound Group plc is a parent company, selling a range of brands focused on the over 55 age demographic. Unbound will build on the solid foundation of Hotter, its current main business, to grow in value across its curated, multi-brand retail platform, all while supporting the active lifestyles of the over 55 age demographic through a broad range of products and services. Unbound’s offering expands beyond footwear and will feature third-party complementary brands alongside new Unbound brands, as well as Hotter.

Who we are for

Uniquely focused on the 55+ consumer.

Unbound Group serves 55+ female and male consumers through own brand and third-party offers, anchored in digital excellence and connected commerce.


An increasingly valuable audience


55+ demographic growing in size.

70% of all UK population growth to 2039 is projected to be in the 60+ age group.

Source: Future of an aging population – Government Office for Science.


Disposable income for 55+ demographic increasing.

Household disposable income for 55+ has increased 3 fold compared to under 55’s increasing 2 fold.

Source: ONS

An increasingly relevant proposition

Increased interest in wellbeing /staying active.
+14% of the 55+ age category doing regular physical activity in 2020 compared to 2015.

Source: Sport England Active Lives Survey 2020

Digital literacy increasing at pace.
73% of 55+ year olds now shop online over the last 12 months, vs 65% in the previous period.

Source: ONS

What we deliver

Comfort that helps you do more of what you love

Building on the proven success of Hotter’s comfort footwear proposition, Unbound Group delivers an expanded range of technologies, products and services that help people do more of what they love.

A model rooted in personalisation

Customise. Curate. Co-create.


Leveraging understanding of 55+ comfort challenges and expertise in comfort technologies to deliver targeted solutions to defined needs.


Leveraging deep audience insight and connected commerce platforms to select and sell a carefully curated group of third party brands.


Leveraging a unique blend of comfort expertise, audience insight and brand awareness to collaborate with a group of carefully selected partners to develop comfort solutions that broaden relevancy.

How we do it

Unrivalled insight

Deep and sustained insight into the 55+ consumer – feeding products and experiences that are precisely targeted and uniquely relevant.

State-of-the-art technology

Ongoing investment in technologies to deliver seamless, personalised experiences across all channels – from 3D foot-scanning technology to augmented reality – anchored in industry-leading headless connected commerce.

Strong audience connection and trust

Leveraging Hotter’s deep heritage and awareness among the 55+ audience and its unrivalled credentials in comfort footwear – currently serving 29% of the UK 55+ female demographic.