Hotter is a multi channel comfort footwear
business serving 55+ consumers.

In the last 18 months it has transformed its business
through three core initiatives.

Redefining its brand around a positive,
enabling version of comfort.


Driving aspiration and differentiation through a product strategy anchored in customised comfort.


Remodelling the business to a focused
direct-to-consumer model 

The transformation has seen positive results to date, with digital sales up 22% August 20 to June 21. New customers +10% vs LY (+15% in the UK), and 96.5% of sales are now direct to consumer. There is considerable headroom for further growth, which is underpinned by a focused 55+ target demographic that is growing in size and value. 70% of all UK
population growth to 2039 is projected to be in the 60+ age group, with
increasing focus on wellbeing and surging digital literacy.

Much of the growth has been driven by the digitalisation of Hotter’s customer
base, 65% of 65+ years olds now shop online over the last 12 months, vs 54% in
the previous period. The target demographic is becoming increasingly more
active with +14% of the 55+ age category doing regular physical activity in
2020 compared to 2015

The database of over 4 million consumers has strong growth trends driven by investment in technology – notably in a headless commerce e-commerce platform, 3D foot scan and app development, which includes augmented reality features to enable the consumer to try the product on virtually from home. The unique suite of technologies has been designed to enable products with the perfect fit and the perfect comfort type to be delivered to the customer’s door – amplifying the differentiated ‘customised comfort’ brand proposition.