About Unbound Group plc

Unbound Group plc is a parent company, selling a range of brands focused on the over 55 age demographic.

Unbound will build on the solid foundation of Hotter, its current main business, to grow in value across its curated, multi-brand retail platform, all while supporting the active lifestyles of the over 55 age demographic through a broad range of products and services.

Unbound’s offering expands beyond footwear and will feature third-party complementary brands alongside new Unbound brands, as well as Hotter.

The Hotter Shoes Brand

Hotter Shoes provides footwear with uncompromising focus on comfort and fit, delivered through the use of differentiated technology, to consumers in the UK and US predominantly in the 55+ demographic. Founded in 1959, originally as a slipper manufacturer, Hotter Shoes today offers a wide range of men’s and women’s footwear with a focus on Comfort Technology. The Hotter brand now operates as a digitally-led omni-channel proposition through online and wholesale channels, supported by a strategically selected network of 17 technology centres and 7 gardens centre concessions across the UK.

Following the implementation of a technology infrastructure to support its developing e-commerce ambitions, Hotter has established digital partnerships with a number of online retailers such as Next, John Lewis and The Very Group that serve a wide demographic – including Hotter’s targeted consumers.

The Growth Opportunity.

Serving an increasingly valuable audience.
  • 55+ disposable income increasing.
  • Spending of 50+ increased 3x that of under 50s.
Delivering an increasingly relevant proposition.
  • interest in wellbeing growing / staying active longer.
  • digital literacy increasing at pace.

Unbound is building a curated portfolio of partner brands

Building on the strong brand, customer trust and loyalty enjoyed by Hotter, Unbound is building a curated portfolio of partner brands to offer a selected range of third party products and services on the Unbound platform. This will enhance the enjoyment and wellbeing of customers in the 55+ demographic. With the Hotter brand already selling to over 29% of the UK female population over the age of 55, there is opportunity for significant sustainable growth beyond that already being delivered by Hotter.

The digital platform being built by Unbound allows the development of a low risk, mutually beneficial arrangement with select partners. This platform will provide customers in the targeted 55+ demographic not only with relevant lifestyle-enhancing products and services, but ultimately a community platform.