Waste, energy consumption, use of plastics and packaging, water usage, emissions and the sustainability of our supply chain are all areas we are striving to improve.

We do this within our own brand operations and by working with our partners to seek commitments to minimise our joint environmental impact.

Unbound is working with Carbon Neutral Britain to calculate our carbon footprint, with the target of achieving carbon neutrality during 2025.

Waste & Energy Consumption

We have achieved 100% zero waste to landfill across both head office and manufacturing.

We are monitoring all energy consumption and driving behavioural change and continuous improvement initiatives to reduce our energy usage.

Plastics and Packaging

All plastic packaging used by our own brands are under review, to reduce to a minimum of 30% Post-Consumer Waste content.​

Our achievements below are merely the start:

  • The film used for bagging home shopping orders across our Hotter brand is made of a minimum 30% Post-Consumer Waste plastic.​​
  • We have completed a review of all the materials used in packaging across our Hotter brand with a view to reducing excess packaging.
  • We will be changing the shoe box for our Hotter brand to a fully recyclable, sustainable option for Spring/Summer 2022, and we are targeting UK producers who will recycle our returns packaging.
Water Usage

We have installed new technologies within our own brand operations to support the monitoring and reduction of our water consumption and encourage our partners to do the same.

Sustainability in Our Supply Chain

See our section on our supply chain